AGRITECH takes on global food security with artificial intelligence and traceability solutions

February 28 00:00 2023
Singapore-based R2 Global Energy’s AGRITECH is pioneering blockchain and web3 technology to bring traceability and scalability to the global food market. The platform will offer real-time information about agricultural products, from “seed to sale” to “farm to table,” contributing to UN efforts to ensure food safety.

AGRITECH is a blockchain and Web3 technology project owned and operated by R2 Global Energy Pte. Ltd. The project aim is to bring innovation into the $17 trillion Agriculture sector by blending Agriculture Artificial Intelligence (AAI), traceability technology, and a peer-to-peer marketplace.

The proprietary technology will provide traceability, accountability, consistency, sustainability, and scalability to the global food market. It will give every consumer real-time information about products from seed to sale, including strain, provenance, grow data, harvest, inspection/certification, processing, packaging, shipping, wholesale/retail destination, and more.

Food security is a pressing global problem, with countries struggling to produce enough food to sustain their populations due to negligence, funding, poor planning, and other factors. The G20 Food Security and UN Food Safety focus on resolving the issue. The G20 Food Security created the Global Agriculture & Food Security Program (GAFSP) to provide assistance and funding to promote global sustainability in communities. AGRITECH will work within these communities to offer AAI, traceability, and a peer-to-peer marketplace, enabling producers to access all domestic and international markets.

AGRITECH has launched its Utility Token, AGT, on the Centralized Exchange CoinW. AGT Token holders will benefit in profit sharing from all revenue earned through Energy, Infrastructure, and Agriculture Projects. Interested individuals can learn more about how to participate in Private investing opportunities on the website.

The AGRITECH Marketplace feature provides a secure peer-to-peer relationship with buyers and consumers, bypassing brokers and intermediaries to ensure the best possible pricing for all parties. AAI helps provide real solutions by making crop management more efficient and consistent, mitigating loss and bad harvests, contributing to up to 80% increased yield and making farming more profitable and sustainable. AAI will also ensure the production of safe and secure quality agricultural products.

Food safety is also a pressing issue, with an estimated 600 million people falling ill and 420,000 dying yearly due to contaminated food, resulting in the loss of 33 million healthy life years. Foodborne diseases also impede socioeconomic development, straining healthcare systems and harming national economies, tourism, and trade. 

AGRITECH’s traceability technology will provide real-time information about the products people consume, allowing consumers to scan product codes and learn the complete history of products from farm to table. The transparency and accountability of the traceability program will also hold all farmers and service providers on the supply chain responsible and accountable.

AGRITECH’s platform will be free for registration and use, with revenue generated through completed transactions in the Marketplace. The program will utilize native languages and currencies wherever it’s in use, making accessibility and adaptability easy to local markets. With a mission to provide traceability, accountability, consistency, sustainability, and scalability to the global food market, AGRITECH is paving the way for a more efficient, safe, and equitable agricultural sector.

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