How a 29-year-old eCommerce entrepreneur is making waves in the music world by making money on Spotify without knowing anything about music.

March 02 04:24 2023

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the ways of making money have evolved significantly. From selling products online to becoming an influencer, people are finding new and innovative ways to earn a living. Meet Stef, a 29-year-old eCommerce entrepreneur from the Netherlands who found a way of making money on Spotify without knowing anything about music or the industry. It’s called Dropstreaming and it’s quite interesting.  

“I’ve always been interested in music and was an avid listener. However, I never considered it as a way of making money since I had no knowledge about music and wasn’t an artist myself.” Stef explains. 

One day he stumbled upon an article about how people were making a living by curating background music playlists on Spotify. Intrigued, he gave it a shot and started curating playlists in different background music genres.

“Initially, it was just a side project for me, something I did in my free time. But as I started getting positive feedback on my playlists, I realized that this could be a potential source of income.” Stef continues.

Soon, Stef’s playlists started getting more and more followers, and he started earning money from Spotify’s royalty program. 

“My playlists were unique because I focused on background music for specific activities. For example, I had a playlist for studying, one for working out, one for meditation, and so on. This made it easy for people to find the perfect playlist for their needs. What separated me from other curators is that I purchased tracks from (ghost) producers (people who make music for others), uploaded these tracks to Spotify myself and placed them in my playlists. This way I could make money from these playlists since people were streaming my tracks. Usually there isn’t really a way to profit from playlist curation, but by doing it this way, I could.

Stef started creating more playlists and promoting them on social media and through advertising. “The entire process of buying music from producers and setting up playlists is called Dropstreaming and can be done on nearly all streaming platforms.” Stef adds. 

When asked how the model benefits the producers, he stated that:

“Sometimes people are a bit confused about how the model works and ask me if it’s fair to profit from other people’s music. In Dropstreaming profit goes both directions. The dropstreamer pays the producer for the music and wil in return own the music and all the rights to it. This way they can do whatever they like with the music, including uploading it to Spotify. Many talented producers don’t have the means or connections to promote their music on Spotify. By buying and uploading their music, dropstreamers are providing them with a means to make money from their craft. After all, they are artists as well! 

Producers love working with me, because I’m always transparent, and I enable them to do what they love most, making music! Plus, I take care of the business side, something they don’t want to do. It’s a win-win. Sometimes, I have an agreement with these producers to split the royalty income 50/50 if they want, and of course, that’s not a problem! I always look for win-win situations!”

In recent years Stef started receiving requests from individuals who wanted to learn how to do it, so they could start Dropstreaming themselves. 

“Initially I charged a fee for consultation, but since my time is only limited and the demand increased, I decided to create an online program under my brand: ‘Ivy Tribe Dropstream Academy’, where I teach people how to start a Dropstreaming business, so anyone can enjoy the freedom of working from home with music they love.

Anyone can sign up for my Dropstreaming program if they are interested in joining our rapidly growing community. No music skills or experience required! If people want to get a taste of Dropstreaming before signing up, I have a free training on my website where I explain the basics: 

Stef’s story is an example of how anyone can turn a spark of an idea into a flame of an income. It also shows how the digital age has opened new avenues for earning money. With platforms like Spotify, people can now make a living by curating playlists and sharing their love of music with others and bringing creators and entrepreneurs together.

In conclusion, Stef’s journey is an inspiring one, and it shows that with hard work and an open mind, anyone can find success in the digital world. People with a unique idea, shouldn’t be afraid to explore new avenues and find ways to turn it into a source of income. Who knows, one might just discover a whole new world of possibilities.

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