Single Mom and serial entrepreneur announces the launch of her all Black TV Network

March 07 17:37 2023

Single Mom and serial entrepreneur, Rodnesha Ross,  announces the launch of i am Mogul Life TV Network. This is one of the newest television networks to hit the airwaves! I am Mogul Life TV Network is a groundbreaking black-owned network founded by a single black mother from Detroit, MI. The network’s mission is to provide a platform for diverse voices and perspectives to be heard and seen. The network will offer innovative programming from a range of genres, including drama, comedy, documentary, and reality television, that celebrates and reflects the unique experiences of the African-American community. The network invites viewers to join us in this journey and explore the beauty, power, and impact of the African-American culture on our society. The network looks forward to creating a space where everyone is welcome to share their stories and experiences.

The network has invited Detroit influencers, public figures  and supporters to celebrate the official launch that will take place at a private location, on Thursday March 23, 2023, 7pm EST. The people who will be in attendance at the television network launch event will be a really exciting experience! Guests can expect to see a variety of speakers, and industry professionals in attendance, as well as screenings of upcoming shows from the network. There will likely be a variety of activities and events, including panel discussions, surprises, and interactive activities. Guests are asked to dress to impress and don’t forget to bring lots of business cards for networking at the network launch!

“A black television network is an important platform for representation and celebration of African American culture. It provides a space for stories that may not otherwise be seen on mainstream networks, and allows for more diverse representation of the African American experience. Additionally, a black television network can provide a platform for African American creatives to showcase their work, giving them a larger platform and visibility. Ultimately, having a black television network can be a powerful tool in helping to close the gap of racial disparities in media and in the entertainment industry,” says Ms. Ross.

Although this event is private, the network will release virtual tickets via their website: in the weeks to come. For press passes, flier request and/or interview please email:i[email protected] or call 248.759.6014.

About i am Mogul Life TV Network:

Founded March 2023 by a black single Mom, owner Rodnesha Ross, has launched an all black television network after months of sweat equity and hardwork. I am Mogul Life TV Network will offer a wide variety of innovative programming that celebrates the unique perspectives and experiences of the black community. The network shows will range from short films, podcasts, comedy and drama to documentaries and also talk shows. The network will  also feature exclusive programming that celebrates black history, culture, and entertainment. It is an honor to distribute programming, created by “US”, that illustrates black excellence in our communities locally and globally!

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