Bread Punch Fishing. Another Slice; A Book by Ken Joslin

March 08 01:48 2023
Bread Punch Fishing. Another Slice; A Book by Ken Joslin

The Author, Ken Joslin, has taken a method of fishing, The Bread Punch, used by competition anglers to catch fish during hard-fought matches on the canals of London during the 20th Century and brought it up to date. As part of that match fishing scene, Ken learned the secrets first hand to conjure fish out of apparently fishless waters, using the most humble of baits, sliced bread from any supermarket shelf, and developed it to catch many species of fish from a variety of waters, running and still. A phrase often repeated by others when he reveals his catch is, “Where did all those fish come from?

”Ken enjoyed many years as a match angler on the Open, Winter League, and National circuits and acted as an Angling Correspondent to the Observer Group of local newspapers for several years. In 2017 he published Bread Punch Fishing Diaries, which covered allaspects and theory of bread punch fishing, backed up by illustrated diaries of actual successful fishing sessions. This book grew organically, often in the Amazon top 100 for fishing books.

Bread Punch Fishing Diaries Another Slice has been written by popular demand as afollow-up to Ken’s first book. Now in full colour, it covers a further five years of exclusively fishing The Punch on a variety of waters, demonstrated in a no-nonsense style with even more illustrated diaries. Bait preparation, additives, presentation, and feeding, are covered in detail, while fishing tackle has been updated to the latest available commercial platform.

Bread punch fishing is not a lazy angler’s method. If you want to sit back and enjoy abeer on the bank, don’t buy this book, but if you want to go out to catch plenty of fish, this is for you! Forget all the other baits out there, bread is all you need. The fish won’t let you relax. Once you master the techniques within this book, you will zero in on the fish and end up thinking like one.

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